15 January 2008

Some Factual Reporting of Events

So I had a voice message from a friend this afternoon, declaring that she no longer knows what is going on in my life anymore, as I have not posted in a bit.

So here goes:

Bird was baptized on Sunday. It was a beautiful service in a church that we realize more and more is such a good fit for our family. There were visitors (all Indiana Grandparents + my NC brother and his lovely wife), most of whom were well-behaved, most of the time. Neighborhood friends came. There was cooking and a lot of food. And then it was over.

Outside of the service itself (and Bird doing a SUPER job being a brave kid) , what struck me the most was the way my brother and his wife took (and always have taken) such a one-on-one interest in Bird, the way they make their relationship with her important. They are going to be great parents someday, hopefully before Bird is in high school. And also, I miss them. It is easier to miss them when I haven't seen them in awhile, because missing them is much more real for the few days after they walk out the door.

A. started taking Chantix to quit smoking. The day he popped the first pill, I poisoned myself with internet message board postings about people going ape shit on the stuff, going out and getting themselves killed, forgetting to go to work, blacking out, aggressive behavior, suicidal thoughts. I make sure to call him a couple of times a day to ask if he's hallucinating or if he feels like killing anyone, and he makes sure to let me know that I am the crazy one. He ran a bath for Bird last night for about 5 minutes with the drain open,(so the water was just running, running, running with no bath), and then this morning forgot one other key step in his morning bathroom routine that I will not mention. Both of these incidents I attributed to Chantix, not the fact that my husband has been forgetting and losing things on a regular basis since I've known him. This morning he asked me to please not ever wash his winter hat without asking him first, in case he wanted to wear it on a cold day like today, when it is soaking wet and freezing in the washing machine. I attributed his tone to Chantix.

I suppose we can add one more potential side-effect to the list on the box: May make wife paranoid.

I purchased new pages for my planner. And because I am a big nerd, getting my planner together has been a real bright spot in my day.

Eating Donette Gems and a snack-bag of Doritos at a gas station between here and wherever I was turned out to be a rather dark spot in my day, by comparison.

In 2008, I would like to avoid foods I think may have been developed in a lab.

Also, I am waiting on a phone call. WAITING. SORT OF PATIENTLY. Actually, quite patiently in the grand history of my waiting for phone calls. BUT STILL. I WAIT.

And also, this job keeps right on sucking.

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