09 January 2008

I got my merit badge in book eating

So, it is no secret (especially to the people I know in the flesh) that we are having some issues surrounding the new captain of the ole ship here at the office. So I said something to a person above him about it, and I've listened and talked (probably way more than I should have) about it with my co-workers, three of whom work in satellite offices in other areas of the state. I had my review yesterday. It went okay. I was first on the list, and everyone else will be reviewed in the coming weeks. It was neither horrible nor great. There was much weirdness. I wish I could tell you more.

Anyway, today I feel like freaking CNN, reporting the same breaking story twice every hour as people call to check in and see how it went, what can they expect for their own review, what did I say about this or that, etc. And everyone has a different motivation for knowing this information: some are curious, some are concerned, some are pissed off, some are strategic and some are scared, and I continue to add fuel to the collective fire every time enter this conversation. I feel like there is a mutiny among the staff and somehow I have become the unwilling chairperson of the mutiny (though I'm fairly certain that mutinies are not organized enough to have chairpeople) just because I spoke up about a few things that were legitimately effed. And the problem now is that the few things are, come to find out, larger than previously thought and generally unfixable, as they are rooted in personality and maturity issues. I gave up on trying to change personality and maturity with my first college boyfriend.

See, I've said too much again.

Here is a video for you to watch.

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