10 February 2011

Here I am!

Were you wondering if I'd left?

Well, I did.

I'm over here now.

It's a different place, because I'm in a different place with blogging and life-sharing, but mostly in a different place with time and writing. I have two kids now, y'all. And I write all day to help put food in their sweet and loud little mouths. So sitting down in front of a blank slate to figure out how to document this crazy life-- what to say, how to say it, how to be honest, how to not be too honest-- became a chore. I had to give myself a format (you'll see when you get there). And I had to find a new home for it that I could easily tap into from my iphone.

I have loved writing this blog and I appreciate every reader and commenter. The transition into parenthood is a weird thing, and it has been a lovely journey to document here. But I can't keep up with it in the same way anymore, and this blog sitting here unattended feels burdensome. The meat of this story-- "the sweet and clumsy life of a new mama"-- has been told, and it's time for a new one. It's still sweet, still clumsy, but so different. For one, I don't have even have two minutes to myself in this big life, let alone the time to compose long, thoughtful posts about it.

So, head on over to the mailroom if you're so inclined, and I hope we'll see more of each other there.