17 November 2007


Two songs that get stuck in my head multiple times a week for months now:

1. Some bullshit song by Jewel from the mid-90's that contains this line:
I know that you love me/ and soon you will see/ you were meant for me/ and I was meant for you.

Did you know Jewel was a stalker in addition to being Alaskan? The line that makes this song swallow up my brain is something about how if this guy comes back she'll keep the house clean or some shit and she'll "never leave wet towels on the floor anymore," because that's clearly why the relationship fell apart. It pops into my head when I see A's damp towel lying at the foot of the bed in the mornings. And why, oh why do I know the words to this awful, awful song and why has it resurfaced so many years later?

2. Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. I don't know all of the words but I know enough for the whole song, verse AND chorus, to stick to my brain for reasons completely unknown to me. The song was a huge hit in my high school with the popular, out-drinkin'-beer-in-the-cornfields-again crowd, and I hated it. They played it (as a joke? maybe?) at my brother's wedding but that was back in March, and here it is November. Talk about a bad houseguest in the ole brain. Go home, Garth. And by home I mean back to Littleplace, Indiana, because I'm sure all those guys are still parked in the cornfield getting trashed and waiting for you and your gigantic black hat.


Jen said...

I feel your pain. For no reason whatsoever over the last few weeks I spout "RUBY RUBY RUBY RUUUUUBY"- the only line I know from that Kaiser Cheifs song. Cant. Get. It. Out. Of. My. Head.

Austin said...

I'm absolutely no country music afficianado. In fact, I would say I pride myself on that. But I believe that "Friends in Low Places" is by Brooks and Dunn, and that Brooks is no relation to Garth Brooks. I'd feel better about myself if that turns out not to be true.

Erica said...

Bring on the good feelings then, Austin, because it is a Garth Brooks song.