08 November 2007

A Piece of Advice from Me to You

Don't do this.

That's right. You're looking at deep fried mac n' cheese that you eat in your car at Sonic. And I ate 6 of these evil little bites today on my way home from a patient visit.

Here's a snippet of telephone conversation:

Parked at Sonic, Columbia, TN, waiting for my order.

me: I'm at Sonic. Guess what they have.

A: dunno.

me: Macaroni and cheese bites.

A: Macaroni and cheese cokes?

me: gross. I'm hanging up.

A: no, really, what?

me: macaroni and cheese bites. I'm so excited. I have to go.

back on the road

A: Hello?

me: These things are so fucking awesome.

A: bye.

ten minutes later

A: Hello?

me: um, they had a weird aftertaste.

A: Maybe you should have ordered a mac and cheese coke to go with them.

And A Bonus Installment of Scenes From a Marriage:

me: Dammit! The zipper on these pants won't stay up all of a sudden.

A: mwahahaha, my plan is working!

me: Your plan to have me walk around the grocery store with my fly down?

A: (defensive) It still needs some work.


Mike said...

can we just start writing a sitcom about you two called The Other White Milk?

Erica said...

mmmmmmmm i've been wanting to try those. so they were good. very interesting.