14 August 2007

Scenes from a Marriage

Me: I had the strangest dream last night.

A: Mmmghhh.

Me: We were at our house, but it wasn't our house, it was kind of like my grandmother's house but only in the attic, and there was this giant gold rug in the bathroom and they had a huge jar of allspice in the kitchen [blah blah, standard dream descriptions about how it was like this but not this exactly]

A: Brmgghhh.

Me: and I had to go somewhere, and it was like an hour and a half away, and you had to go somewhere else, but then you came with me, and we were driving an old blue car.

A: Grummmbhuhhhgh.

Me: And then all of a sudden I realized we'd left Bird asleep upstairs in my grandmother's attic, but we were an hour and a half away from her and nobody was home.

A: mmmghhh.

Me: It was so terrifying. We couldn't get to her quickly and there was nothing we could do and we knew she was up in that attic all alone and that she might fall down the stairs or any other horrible thing. But for some reason we stopped at Pizza Hut as we were trying to get back and the service was sooooo slow.

A: What did you order?

Me: A personal pan pizza.

A: (very concerned) Why would you order a personal pan pizza if we were together?

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