21 August 2007

Apparently I Post a lot of Video All of a Sudden.

I've been listening to a lot of Sirius satellite radio lately, thanks to my long-ass drives to see patients in the past couple of weeks. Mostly the Gay Radio station-- the morning show is like sitting with a towel wrapped around my head in my best friend Joseph's kitchen in college with a Vodka + Grapefruit, reading a Celeb-tabloid Magazine while waiting for some kind of freaky-ugly hair dye to work its magic. Except it's early in the morning, I'm wearing slacks, and I'm in the car going to visit dying people. Other than that, it's exactly the same.


I've also been listening to the "Left of Center" station, and being married to an indie music snob for so many years makes me automatically skeptical of a mainstream-ish media outlet serving up some band we saw three years ago at the Springwater. But whatever. I bought a Feist CD with some of my precious, fast-spending Christmas money a while back, on the recommendation of a friend. I hated it. I hated it so much I returned it to Grimey's and got a refund. And now I hear this Feist person all over the Sirius station I listen to the most. And I don't mind it so much. And THEN (please let this get interesting soon), I was bumbling around the internet, stopped at Sweet Juniper, and found this link:

And I must say I like the song much, much better now that I know there's choreography involved. And now that I know that this Feist woman and I have pretty much the exact same haircut.

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