12 February 2007

Three Laps Behind

Geez, has it been ten days?

It has been a busy, furious ten days. More rashes, more doctors, more missed work, school, et cetera, and finally a mended bird. An appointment to see my first naturopath. Getting ambitious with menu planning on Saturday and ending up with an abandoned, half-cooked dinner on the stove and a small screeching child crawling up my leg on Monday. Not doing a stitch of laundry, whole family smelling a little stale. Getting a shitty email from the project manager of a shitty freelance job. Falling behind, behind, behind in every category.

In my little black notebook I have about a hundred things scrawled out that I wanted to talk about here, and I still intend to. I was in prime form to rattle off a very meaningful post about work vs. babies under the umbrella of responsibility and guilt (I know, I talk about that all the freaking time), and not being in that moment at this moment, it would only hold a few drops of that meaning tonight. So you're going to have to wait on that.

And here's what I'm about to do: drag another chair into our little computer-slash-piles-of-unwanted-and-homeless-shit room and watch another episode of LOST online with A. Because I'm avoiding this that and the other and because I'm perfectly okay with that.

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Anonymous said...

I just responded to a mama on mamasource.com about living in the moment in the moment. One of the hardest things to do. I'm working on that. Working on that with more ferver (sp?) than anything else in my life 'cause I know I'll blink and we'll be in a retirement community (if we've made our mil. by then) and SB will be feeding us soup.