22 February 2007

Ask and Mama Snee Shall Receive

I am in control of the Universe today.

Or maybe the Universe is giving me a little present (far more likely).

The weather is gorgeous. Sixty and sunny. This morning Bird got up early, and we lollygagged around, then decided to walk to daycare and back. As if we didn't have anyplace to be.

On the way there, I said to A, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could leisurely walk Bird to daycare like this, go home and work on some freelance projects, and walk back to pick her up early? Tweedlydee, that'd be swell."

When we got home, I threw myself/ my stuff in the car and got on the road, late. I called my instructor's cell phone to tell him I was running late because I am a lollygagger. He said, "Didn't you get my message? I'm sick. Class is canceled. "

Here I am, Bird at daycare, time on my hands, and some grumpy freelance projects I'd like to have out of my life. And after a couple of hours of peaceful working at home, coffee-drinking, Stereolab-listening, I'm much, much closer to moving them out the door, which feels light and fabulous. I may even organize our Home Office/ Crap Without a Place room. You never know. I'm unpredictable.

I said, "wouldn't it be nice" and then lo and behold. I mean, really. I'm finding that the more open I am to stumbling across them vs digging and fighting to find them, the more readily the solutions fall from the sky.

That feels better, right? Shake it off and get that last post off the front page?

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J-Go said...

Something similar happened to me when I told the Universe that I was ready for a career change. Next day, I had an email about a posting for job at a cool company that I would have never heard about, ever. I got the job and I love it. Unfortunately, I have also mentioned (several times) to the Universe that I am ready to win the Powerball, but I think it hasn't checked the voicemail........How is school going?