28 February 2007

After I saw the spaceship, I came back down the mountain

  • Bullet Points are for Cheaters who Can't Pull Together a Cohesive Post
  • Saturday night, Bird did not sleep much. After much up and down and rocking and patting, we snuggled up together on the couch, which was mildly successful. She was beyond snuggly-- reaching a point of clinginess so clingy she would have happily crawled into my mouth, if she could fit, just to get a little bit closer. A sure sign she's getting sick. Within the tossing and turning and gut-kicking and head-butting there were sweet moments, like when she laid her head next to mine on the pillow and gave me a little smooch, and said "eye beegk!" ( "Hi, Pig!") and giggled like the comedian she is.
  • Sure enough, Sunday afternoon, a friend was standing in our kitchen, trying to convince us to pack up the wagon and head out for Las Maracas (recently renamed due to health-department, uh, issues) and eat us some beans and refried things. Once reasonably convinced, A. asked Bird if she'd like to go eat some beans? Yeah? How 'bout it? and she promptly puked all over his shoulder/ back/ arm. Raincheck.
  • Did I mention my in-laws were in town this past weekend? Friday night to Sunday morning. They let me cook for them-- more than once, even-- which may seem minor, but was a huge honor for me. And I think they actually liked most of it. It was a good visit, all-around. My father-in-law left no fewer than three rosaries in my house and car.
  • Saturday, I started to get sick. I sincerely thought at first that I might be allergic to my scented in-laws, as the same kind of uncontrollable sneezing and headache happened at their house at Christmas. But nope, as of Monday afternoon I was fevery and chilly and achy and spent the next twenty-four hours parenting half-assedly and forcing my child to nap so that I could catch a few winks. And did I mention Bird was sent home sick with the diarrhea cha-cha-cha?
  • Or that she had a gnarly eye infection the week before that made her look like an infectious stray cat?
  • Anyone want to hazard a guess at how much work I've missed lately?
  • Last week when my Bird was oozing from the eyeballs and the daycare called to tell me to come get her or else and don't bring her back for a good long while, I called my mom and wondered aloud how in the holy fuck I'm supposed to keep a job. And who do you think was at my doorstep at 9:30 the next morning? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after her five hour drive from Indiana? That's right, my mama. Granny-ed up and ready to babysit. Because she's like that. And I will do everything I can to be like that for Bird, always.
  • (Turns out it was an eye/ear infection combo.)
  • And living closer to Bird's Granny sure doesn't sound so bad sometimes.
  • I am so happy to be caught up on LOST, watching it with the general public, once a week. (tonight!) Watching nearly every night on DVD for the past few months--while delightfully commercial-free-- was becoming quite an obligation, and now that we're caught up I just don't know what to do with myself after Bird goes to bed. Talk to my husband, maybe. About LOST.
  • I got my bridesmaid's dress in the mail for my brother's wedding, which happens in about 3 weeks. I was measured for it months ago, and let's just say that things can change in a couple of months. Let's just hope they can change back in three weeks.
  • I listen to NPR at work, and in my town that means classical format from 9am-3pm. Which beats the hell out of the temp's "Wailing In the Glen" Celtic Screeching CDs. And I'm starting to recognize a lot of the pieces they play. Why? Because they are on the Baby Einstein DVDs. I'm all "oooh, it's the giraffe song!"
  • Some people that you are supposed to love make it very, very hard to love them. It is a tall order to love the compulsively miserable.
  • I went to Chattanooga (okay, the expanded Chattanoogish area... these people all seem to live in Bumfuck Nowhere) last week to visit patients. I got lost, but that goes without saying. I saw a spaceship house. (the first picture.) I found the spaceship house to be in far shoddier shape than this photo. And what makes it okay to be lost in the serious middle of Bumfuck Nowhere with no cell phone service? A loud Built to Spill CD and downloaded episodes of This American Life, that's what. And spaceship houses.
  • At the McDonald's (hey, my choices were severely limited and I was severely hungry) in one of the Bumfuck Nowheres, I ordered my standard fast-food fare: cheese-only sandwich, fries, and apple pie, and the total was 6.66. So I ordered another apple pie. And I ate that second apple pie right then and there, because I do not want to tempt the DEBBIL.
  • I wonder why my bridesmaid's dress is tight?

Blogging Tip:

Hey, are you on Blogger? Because if you are, don't ever, ever touch the "bullet points" button on the toolbar, unless you want to totally lose control of your post. I figured it out, finally. Okay, maybe it's me, but it doesn't work like it does in Word, just be aware.


Anonymous said...

OK, the bullet point about your mama showing up on your doorstep brought tears to my eyes and a huge lump to my throat. And Built To Spill REAL LOUD can make any situation A-OKAY.

josh said...

so it would seem that your space ship house is much larger than the ones i was talking about which you can find:

Maria said...

Blog hopping and stumbled on you. Glad I did...really interesting blog.