01 November 2006

Too Many Exclamation Points

Okay, I almost took that last post down. It's so pooper. And then I thought--But this is my journal! And it's about what I think! And that's what I was thinking last night when I was sneaking cigarettes on the back porch and feeling lonely on Halloween because A. was working his crazy hours and B. was snoring away and I didn't want to study for my exam! So I'm leaving it, because I thought it, and whether I now think it sounds so, so stupid and overreactive or not, it happened, so it's there.

Enough already? Thought so.

Now I'm going to study. riiiiiiiight.... now. Wait. Okay. um...NOW.

(The exam is in 40 minutes, by the way. Diseases of the Cardiovascular System. Yeah, Hi. )

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