01 November 2006

Bee Oh

So, I haven't worn antiperspirant for a couple of weeks now. This comes about after using S's "Nature's Gate" natural deodorant-only stick while I was visiting in Spokane. It was so good-smelling, so non-chemical-y, so non aluminum-containing. So I bought the Tom's of Maine Calendula stick, and while it is also good-smelling, antiperspirants sure do take it one step further by actually stopping the sweatage instead of just covering up the smell with a hippie smell.

But in my old(er) age, I'm coming back around to the hippie smells and all of that stuff I loved in early college, minus the bong hits. And I figured if I'm going deo-only, might as well be in winter.

So if I hug you and I have pit stains, or smell a little... um... "earthy", it's because I'm only deodorizing. And I think I like it.

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