05 November 2006

Sunday Evening Gearing Up

Glargh. I have waited too long to sort through all of the photos from the Event That Was Birdy's First Birthday. And now I am deleting the blurry ones, uploading batches to Shutterfly, lather, rinse, repeat.

Apparently, Bird has learned to shake her head "no." Which she does everso dramatically, when faced, for example, with a chunk of squash. Or anything that is not toast or cottage cheese.

Just when I'm settling into my little groove of the weekend, I realize tomorrow it's Monday. Then back to the driving and the lunch-packing and the kid-dropping and the interacting with people outside of my little bubble.

It can take a few days, really, to hunker down into my own, real life, free of work and studying, and let my roots extend a little bit, dig in, et cetera, tap in to that quiet and simple rhythm of myself and my home full of creatures. Peeling back the layers so I can really live in my actual life for a few days, be really present for a while. Getting used to and fully appreciating having A. around when I'm around. And then, whoa! Sorry! Back on the crazytrain, your time is up.

Gah. Things are so not terrible, really. I'm just feeling like I might not want to go another lap of this race right now, you know?

I could stand to go a few more laps of this, however.

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