02 December 2008

Chat from a Marriage

What you need to know: A. chose and purchased a deodorant stick at the grocery store labeled "The Official Scent of Confidence."

8:38 AM

: so you are going to the gym today
me: As Sarah Palin would say, "You betcha!" (wink) "Maverick!"
a: don't do that anymore
me: sorry
a: but good for you
me: yes, I am doughy around the middle, need to cook
a: you will feel so much better if you go regularly
me: I really think so
8:39 AM a: I think I am stinky today
as in
me: oh, nice
a: dog slept on my pants
me:how did that happen?
andy: not sure
but not good
me: yeah, not good.
a: at least I have the scent of confidence
8:40 AM me: yeah, confident that you smell like a dog's ass
a: zing
ok then
me: ok then

Thanksgiving post coming soon. Like, maybe probably tomorrow.

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