19 July 2008

Behold, my laundries:

Look what came to my backyard this weekend!

Finally putting that hot Tennessee sun to work for us.
Love this thing. Just one step closer to living that country life I babble on and on about from time to time.

Want to hang your spouse's skivvies up for your neighbors to admire? One super awesome feature of this little beauty is that you only cement a little plastic sleeve in your yard, giving you the option to pluck the whole thing out of the ground and store it when you're not using it. Also awesome: comes fully assembled. Thanks to my most greenest C.S. for the recommendation. (And to my most helpfulest A. for the cementing.)


Conversation with my nine-year-old neighbor from across the street:

Dude, did your uncle just drive up and give you money?

Man, that's the easiest two dollars I ever made. All I had to do was get up early and pee in a cup so he could take it to work.


Conversation with my daughter over breakfast:

Birdy, watch out! You almost spilled your milk.

Mama, don't freak up.


What I saw today down the street at Wayne's Unisex, the haircut place that hasn't changed one bit since, oh, about 1979, and is probably the last place you'd think to take a two-year-old for a haircut, but it is so cheap and just so awesome in there:

Skinny old droopy guy, pretty tall, with paper-white hair.
Cut in the most fabulously long mullet I have ever seen.
A six hundred year old woman was trimming the "party" part straight across, which came almost down to his non-existent old-man butt.
I do not kid.


You know, for being a pretty handsome guy, he's not very photogenic. So I picked the most bizarre shot (a little Picassoey with all the legs, right?) to give you an idea of the Bear's new summer 'do and the distinct line between head (not shaved) and body (totally shaved).

This guy, on the other hand, is a bit more handsome. In a crazy, anxious, reclusive movie star kind of way. Tragically handsome, tragically a few horses shy of a library.

This is a somewhat terrible photo of what we like to call "the curler." When Big D gets nice and worked up, like during a thunderstorm as in this case where he nearly tried to climb into the bath with Bird, he curls his ears up in this super bizarre way, like little bat wings. The vet says he's never seen anything like it.

And how 'bout this haircut?


Camille said...

How much laundry can you fit on that bad boy? And have you tested its wind resistance capabilities? I'd be interested in a review after some of our middle-TN gale-force winds!

And nice do, Bird!

velocibadgergirl said...

(1) I LURVE the laundry thingamajig. One of my favorite things about the field camp I went to out in Montana was how fast (and free!) the laundry would dry on the line. You just had to be careful and loop your underwear just right on the clothespins, or the wind would blow them all over the lawn by the time you got back the next afternoon. Sexay!

(2) I'm sure your dogs can be major pains in the ass, but they are SO CUTE. I want to hug them and feed them biscuits.

(3) That photo of Birdy with her haircut nearly killed me dead. Lo! I am slain by the adorableness!

velocibadgergirl said...

Okay, that's how awesome that Bird pic is. It made me forget to comment on your kid neighbor giving his uncle a cup of pee for work. Keep it classy, uncle neighbor! Keep it classy!