24 July 2008


As I write this, I am finally emerging from the murky depths of a fierce hangover, which I earned 100% last night on the back porch with A., flipping through a calendar and having a nice tense conversation about where to be and when over the Holidays. It’s an annual discussion I like to call, “Who will be disappointed the most?” and it most certainly flows better with an adult beverage or four.

And for the record, the reason I don’t usually drink white wine (ah, yes. NOW she remembers) is because it goes down a little too fast, a little too easy. And I end up with a wicked case of the bedspins and, eventually, huddled around the upstairs commode (which is gross by itself) assuring Andy that I’m fine and making wild arm gestures, waving him back to bed and saving him from the wretchedness that is me.

And so, today. I have worked very hard at nothing except sitting completely still and trying not to move my eyes. It has been exhausting work. My mouth tastes vaguely metallic and my body aches. My brain feels cold and my thinking is slow and sticky. I was asked to proofread a booklet with unimaginably tiny type and tedious subject matter, and that hurt me everywhere. For lunch, I dragged my sorry self over to A’s office and sought shelter in a warm, white Jimmy John’s sandwich eaten in a sort of upright fetal position next to his desk. He showed me recently unearthed home videos of us seven years ago, when we were skinny and lively and able to bounce back from two bottles of Chenin Blanc without incident. He rubbed my face to ease my headache, and only laughed at me a little bit, because he is a kind man.


Erica said...

What a sweet husband. I had a similar wine experience last Friday night. The worse hangovers are the ones you never meant to happen - versus the ones where you plan on drinking a lot, you know it's going to happen, and you are prepared to suffer the consequences. The ones you don't plan for hurt more I think.

chester copperpot said...

I've never been able to bounce back from the drinking. And I'm always the one hunched over the toilet, with every door in the apartment closed, in the hopes that the boyfriend doesn't hear me barfing through them. I'm glad to find that I'm not alone in my pain.

Emotional Mullet said...

I have developed a long-term relationship with White Wine and Sprite Over Ice With A Straw.

I hope you feel better!

charla said...

Hangovers suck.