10 April 2008


my current job made a counter-offer. You know, to further complicate things. To turn up the guilt. To make me really think about how much there is to like about this little job, working out of a little crackerbox house-turned-office, running work errands on no particular schedule and having the power to make things just the way I want them. Well, certain things anyway. A lot to like about my coworkers and the permission to wear flip-flops to work. I called A. in a wrenched-up panic of indecision. I called my dad. I whined to my coworkers.

And then I turned it down.

It would have meant a position with the title of "Director." It would have been a great resume move if I had decided that non-profit was the path for me. Honestly, sometimes I think it may be what I'm best at, but I just keep thinking about that truck.

It also would have meant finding out what it's like to stay in a job for more than two years.*

Hopefully this counter-offer won't become my new "what if."

Went to the zoo today on her field trip. By herself. Oh my, this big kid of ours.

Coming home from a cookout this weekend (involving many old college friends in town from far, far away for a dear friend's wedding):

Me: Did you have a good time at the party?

Bird: The boys! Drink in a little cup! And they say, "CHEERS!" and they drink it all real fast!


*To be clear, I've stayed with employers longer than a couple of years, but not in the same position-- literally-- for more than a year and a half. I like to wait until I really get the hang of something and really have a handle on which end is up at a job, and then I either change positions or move on completely and start the whole process over. Easily distracted, I suppose.


Kari said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets bored doing the same thing all the time. I was in one company for six years, but changed positions on an average of every six months. :-)

I looked at it that I hated to be bored not that I was easily distracted. :-) I HATE to be bored. Good luck with your decision (whichever you choose).

Emotional Mullet said...

A happy Mama Snee makes a happy Birdy Snee! xoxo