24 March 2008

Easter Fever

First, this:

Humorous Pictures
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Now that we have that out of the way
So. This house is like my house on the inside in a lot of ways-- built in the same-ish time period, same-ish room size, same-ish layout, same-ish details, woodwork, arches, same teensy bathroom, etc. I love this rehab and feel like my house could learn a thing or two from this one-- after all, our bathroom is only SLIGHTLY less grimy than the one in the "before" pic. But what happens when I get the home improvement itch is that I stand in one room making a mental list of the projects large and small that need to be organized, funded and begun and I end up making myself nauseous and just walking away to eat cheerios by the handful. But damn, I do love the color of that living room.

Things About Bird
Bird came down with a gnarly Easter fever, beginning at church where she hunted Easter eggs like a champ and wilted in A's arms during the sermon, red and hot as a biscuit. It lasted all day and through the (very restless) night. Note to parents out there: throw away your ear thermometer. That little piece of advice would have saved us a call to the on-call doctor late last night when the damned thing gave us a false reading of 106 and my heart nearly exploded.

Bird got some flip flops (which she pronounces "thlip thlops") in her Easter basket. Also, the "I wish I could, but..." stuff from the last post is now a commonly used phrase in our house. As in, "Hey Bird, let's clean up this gigantic mess of toys and shredded paper" and she says, "I wish I could, but I'm really kind of doing something right now."*

Reading Rainbow

I'm reading this book and you should read it too. And oh my goodness, when I searched that title I learned that she also has a blog.

Ah, Employment
Still waiting on scheduling information for the second slob minterview. I'm controlling myself but only barely as I have not called or emailed a "what gives?" to anybody just yet.

Here at the job I already have, last week was a bruiser. I negotiated a tense peace between three staff people and in doing so lost my will to give any more than a quarter of a shit at any given time. That, and I had to watch a poodle dance around in a cheerleader costume for twenty minutes and feign interest. So, yeah. Somebody from the slob minterview place, please make contact. I am sweating.

*You know, something important like putting a size 5 toddler diaper on a tiny plastic dog.

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