17 December 2007

Nightmares of Sugarplums

Bird had her first real nightmare at about 4:30 this morning, screaming herself awake and catapulting me down the stairs to comfort. She whimpered and clung and said she was afraid of "the lady." We talked about it being in her imagination and dreams and as much reality vs fantasy that a two-year-old can process.

Last night we also went to a delightful Christmas party (and by the way, can I just say we have the best friends, like, ever?) where Bird sampled many a cookie, and I think maaaaaybe the sugar coupled with all of the grownups-- some familiar and some strangers-- could have triggered the sleep disturbance.

Last night, falling asleep, the exhausted Bird said:

"Don't kiss me, mama. Just go to sleep now."

And bonus weekend Bird Words:

When asked by Santa what she wanted for Christmas:
"Three presents."

And on the way home from church:
"I think Santa has a big bum."

And then, upon further thought, "I think Santa has a big bum and a big binsens*. He goes pee pee by himself on a special potty."

*Binsins: (noun) 1. Bird-speak for "business," which is Bird-speak for private parts/ genitalia.

1 comment:

n.d. said...

do you think that Bird thought that Santa's chair was his special potty? or did she just make that one up out of thin air?