11 January 2007

Marketing to the Sick

I used to work for a company that, when all was said and done, made that their business model. And then it changed to "Give the Sick More Soft Drinks." But I'm not talking about that kind of marketing to the sick.

I don't watch that much television (not because I'm a super person who has better things to do, but because I have trouble staying awake), but I have seen my fair share of commercials lately. And 'tis the season to market your cold and flu products to those lying on the couch suffering with cold and flu.

Who does it right?
Kleenex, with their Let it Out commercials. Bravo, Kleenex. You're working with your Trusted Name recognition and reminding us that we trust you. That you're there for us. You're not talking about being sick. You're making us a little weepy and throw-your-arm-around-the-person-next-to-you over a product designed to catch the infected mucous falling out of my nose. Great work.

Who does it wrong?
Any company that produces television commercials that involve animated versions of germs, mucous, body fluid, or fungus. The slimy yellow sinister guys or the gruff green guys that are some kind of stereotyped blue-collar east coaster loogies. It's just gross. Mucous is not allowed to talk or have facial features. Or have children. Not on television, not ever.

Through some blog or another, I have arrived at the Pioneer Woman's blog, and I highly, highly recommend you hightail it over there when you can.

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Erica said...

I like when I get references in your blog that I know other people don't get.