05 January 2007

I thought I was safe

Well, now I've got it. The funk. It tackled me from behind yesterday afternoon, wrapping me around the toilet bowl in a swiftly passing but uncontrollable puking nightmare. And today, lifeless on the couch sleeping through daytime television. I think I'm getting a bedsore.

I had to pick up Bird early from daycare today, after reports of three diarrhea-bomb diapers. She's puny, for sure. But snuggly. I hate the puny, for her, but I love the snuggling, for me.

The best, though, is when A. gets home and Bird is feeling cuddly, she'll sit on his lap and try to unbutton his shirt to get to the t-shirt underneath, and after he unbuttons for her she lays her head down on his chest and snuggles up tight. It is the sweetest thing. Ever.

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That Chick Over There said...

Sorry you are feeling sick.

Try watching the Maury show if you can get away with it. It will make you feel MUCH better about your life. It propelled me back to work when I had the flu recently.