26 October 2006

Thursday Post

Three Complaints
With all the hubub these days about privacy and information and medical stuff, people sure as shit want to tell you their entire medical history, outloud, and in a group setting. And my pathology class is full of these people. We almost can't get through the chapters, because everyone wants to pipe up about how they've battled anorexia, their aunt has MS, they might have heard of plantar fascitis because they think their neighbor might have it. And, like, what a coincidence! We're talking about Herpes Zoster, and she has Herpes Zoster! I want to hear about that from the beginning, please, and don't spare any details! Maybe it's just my cold, black, social worker heart, but blech. Over it.

Also, I'd like to go on the record as saying that I really wish my neighbors and their friends would stop pulling up at the apartments across the street with their bass rumbling so loudly that my windows shake. It makes me uncomfortable and it makes me feel threatened, because I consider it to be a fairly aggressive act to create a noise so powerfully loud, like standing in the street with your middle finger extended to everyone within a certain radius. To be the kind of person that doesn't give a fuck about how you might affect the world around you and to flaunt that fact. To roll up my street, essentially shouting, "Make way for ME, I am going to overpower whatever it was you were doing. I'm going to make you NOTICE ME and what a TOUGH, INCONSIDERATE ASSHOLE I AM." It's intrusive and unsolicited and it is a form of bullying with noise. I fucking hate it.

I'd also like to say that when our local NPR station switches to classical format between 9am and 3pm, I switch over to the AM NPR and listen to stuff like Day to Day's Science Fridays, because I am 100% D-O-R-K. I listen to this stuff in the car when I go out on patient visits, in particular, because I cannot, CAN NOT remember the freaking ipod when I leave the house in the mornings. Anywho, even when you're listening to an interview with a guy who made a movie about people who jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge, the AM-ness of it still sounds like conservative christian call-in radio.

It's okay if you do
Would you think I was weird if I told you that I sometimes go to Wild Oats just to smell the Wild Oats smell? Or any natural food store, for that matter? What is that smell? I went in for this, which I love and which they no longer carry, and I left with an eensy bottle of peppermint Dr. Bronner's and a nosefull of natural-food-store-smell. Mmmm. It makes me think I'm healthy. It also makes me want to spend money.

For the attachment parenters
I don't know how you family-bed people do it. Bird was up at 4am this morning, crying, so I put her in the big bed between us. And after A. getting kicked in the nuts and me getting head-butted in the neck, we just decided to get up. Seriously, how does that work?

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