06 October 2006

Friday, Friday

My goodness, that last post was quite a bitchy little number, no? I am sometimes amazed by my own ability to be such a jerk. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to do the freelance work that will pay for A's colonoscopy bill and my 90,000 mile car service, and I know better than to try to eat out. Also, there was apparently some confusion about the cheese: people were coming out from behind food counters and presenting me with single slices of cheese delivered by their gloved hands. That's what happened. Oh, and I'll totally get robbed on the car service. But I'm not bitching! Just predicting! Toodley dee!

It is a gorgeous day out there. Bright and crispy. Making me want to quit my everything and stay home and make delicious stews and sing to sweet, fat babies. The office is empty this afternoon, and I'm outta here.

Oh, and guess who can go down the toddler slide at daycare all by herself? And does that make her a toddler?

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