20 March 2009


This morning I woke to a gorgeous, crisp spring morning. A dark 5:30, still early enough to be that cozy, blue half-awake time, tucked in under a nice fat blanket with the bedroom window open and twenty more minutes to sleep before the mandatory wake-up and hustle. The world was fresh, peaceful, and willing to wait a few more minutes. I snuggled in to savor it. Birds were chirping. Mostly one bird. Chirping and chirping and chirping. Just singing his chipper little avian song out into the world, to no one in particular, without need for response, right outside my window. Chirp! As if he was chirping inside the very bedroom, perched on the night stand, chirping away. Look here! Chirpchirpchirp! I am awake! I am going to try to find a worm later! I'm thinking about making a nest! My @bird friend said chirp cheep -- hilarious! Chirp! I'm going to shit on your windshield in a bit! Chirp chirp!

I am learning to twitter. I am tweeting. Trying to figure out what it is and why it's appealing. Trying to care enough to keep up with it. Trying to figure out how and why the Tennessee Aquarium is following me. It's all work-related: somebody needs to know how to do it if we're going to be buzzing the buzz words of marketing, I suppose. Chirpbuzz.


velocibadgergirl said...

This is just lovely :D I treasure cool early mornings with blankets and open windows <3

If you feel like looking me up on Twitter, I'm @velocibadgerGRL

velocibadgergirl said...

OMG, just watched the Bird Is Serious video and I am SLAIN by the CUTE!! :D

Mel said...

Twitter cracks me up. Sometimes I have something to say that simply doesn't make sense to waste 1/4 of an inch to say, so I tweet instead. And then I wonder why I wasted any space at all on it. And yet somehow it still needs to be done. That's how Twitter gets you, I guess.

Erica said...

Ooooo I'm twittering for work too. We should follow eachother.