13 February 2009

Sweet Sounds of Southern Indiana

A list of things my Granny says:

Cheekin (chicken)
Marnin (morning)
Caish (cash)
Schnoe (snow)
Boosh (bush)
dreckly (directly)
downtha (down at the)
deeshis (dishes)

(3/15/09) Edited to add:

Warsh (wash).

Thanks to Mr. Littlebrother-- can't believe I forgot that one.


Elliemae said...

"dreckly" is my favorite!

Ms. Booty Homemaker said...

East Texans, which my people are, also say dreckly. Which translates to directly, but doesn't necessarily mean anytime soon, but when a body gets good and ready to whatever.... like "carry her to the store."