03 October 2008

Good Grief, it's already October

Pumpkin Spice hershey kisses? Exactly how I would imagine a softened "Fall Spice" scented Glade plug-in refill might taste.


A.'s words of wisdom about the EastSide softball league:
"It takes all kinds. But mostly, rednecks."

Honestly, there are more desserts in my office building on a consistent basis than any place I have ever worked. And I have worked in a wine + dessert bar. I will be 300 lbs by Christmas. I will have this baby in April and you won't even notice anything different about me.

I've kept quiet about the details and shared only the vaguest of stories and whiniest of attitudes with you for the past month or so, but what ended up finally happening this past week is that I almost left my new job for my old job. And then I realized that would be a really, really bad decision. And since my moment of clarity and closure, my current job seems about 300% better.

Fall weather is upon us, thankfully, even with its dark mornings and earlier sunsets. I'm getting up way too late in the mornings-- what I need is my dad, circa 1992, to walk into my room for the third time at 6:00 am and just flip the stinkin' lights on and walk back down the stairs. I would be pissed, sure, but I would be on time.

Big dog can open Bird's door if it's not latched just right. He can open a lot of doors, actually, with a combination of turning the knob with his teeth and ramming his body against it. But Bird's door is one of his favorites, because she has a rug in her room, and it's the only rug in the house. He likes to curl up and get comfy and commence making a calamitous noise chomping his own ass. Anyway. More than a few times, I've been climbing into bed and hear him bust into her room, all legs and stomping and clumsiness and clanky collar. So I curse under my breath and stomp down the stairs to find him not curled up with his ass in his mouth, but rather standing in her doorway wagging his tail furiously. And then I look at her sleepy little self, about a half inch away from falling out of bed. And he looks at me like, "see?"
So add that to his predictive abilities-- thunderstorms and little kids falling out of bed. We all have gifts. His are just unexpected.


Ryan and Michelle said...


Jen said...

Eastside redneck softball league - awesome.
My Father would burst into my bedroom singing the Marine Corp hymn on the mornings before school. In FULL bellow mode. FROM THE HALLS OF MONT-E-ZUUUUMA TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI....!! and so forth. Now and again he'd have a pot and a wooden spoon. Yes, I was pissed. For about 13 years. But I was on time.

Congrats on the baby news! Your lil' family keeps expanding!

Emotional Mullet said...

300 lbs and 300% better....one lb for each percent? I understand. I have never seen so many frickin donuts at an office than I do at my current office. I started bringing in large batches of fruit salad to combat it.

Seriously. Not going back to Old Job is a sturdy choice. I went back to Old Job once. Stayed there 2 miserable years. Now...at New Job...much bettah.