30 June 2008

Vacation Thought No. 2

It was stingray season at the beach. Did you know there was such a thing? Well, ‘tis the season for big giant sheets with mouths in the middle to slink past you in knee-deep water and whack a poisonous barb at your ankle.

Really, I do love the stingrays. They’re graceful and beautiful and alien, their mouths look smiley and they’re really just a gentle thing looking for little fishies to gobble. They just happen to have this unfortunate Wand of Intense Pain hanging off of their backsides.

We saw a big pack of them flopping around right where the waves were breaking. Their corners flipped up and looked like darty, spooky fins cutting the waves, and tricked us into thinking we were standing ankle-deep in shark-infested waters. It was just the type of nature drama we are thrilled to report when we encounter wildlife found outside of the state of Indiana.


charla said...

I love stingrays, too...when I gawk at them from a safe distance through the looking glass in an aquarium. Otherwise, not so much. Not very PC of me...sorry. :)

little nipper said...

Sounds like our last trip to Hawaii. We had an awesome spot on a beautiful beach only to realize the ocean was full of baby Portuguese Man of War. No swimming for us that day.

Anonymous said...

I took my two year old to the pet store to buy some fish the other day. I was picking some out and at the time he was in my arms and started saying "yuck" and squirming and huddling close as though he was afraid of something.
The guilty party? A tank with some small stingrays that weren't much bigger than my hand.
The piranhas were a bit troublesome but not like that. The massive snakes that they can't even legally sell and the alligator were perfectly acceptable, but some small stingrays despite watching Finding Nemo a trillion and one times were horrifying.