25 February 2008

Breathing Easier

Saturday morning, on the way to the library, straight from the bakery, we passed the hotdog stand.

A: Ooooh, it's almost time for a hotdog!

Me: You haven't even finished your breakfast sandwich yet.

A: That's why I said it was ALMOST time for a hotdog.

Sorry for the nothin-but-quotes format lately. Exam is in 3 precious days. After which I will prattle on and on in the style to which you are all accustomed.

But until then, the big news:
Sucky Lazy Executive Director resigned today, one hour after landing in our city following a week-long conference in California (hope you enjoyed your vacation, buttface). He didn't come in today at all. Resignation effective immediately, and he made arrangements to pick up his shit after the staff had left for the day, because he is... well, because that's who he is. I was going to say something mean and name-callish, but I won't, because I already called him a buttface and I never have to see him again. And now that he's gone, I can share with you that my nickname for him has been "Mr. Jacksonifyou'renasty." Which I think it's safe to say was a little joke I created to make myself crack up, because nobody else seems to think that's as funny as I do.


Kari said...

hahaha! I'm glad you don't have to bother with him anymore. How terrible that he wouldn't even give notice and decided to pick up his crap AFTER work hours. CHICKEN!!!

Have a great rest of the week.

n.d. said...

my boyfriend has been saying it's almost his birthday since the beginning of the month. his birthday is in april.

Emotional Mullet said...

"buttface" is just not used enough anymore. thank you for bringing it back.