26 March 2007

Mister and Missus Littlebrother

I'm back behind the desk again today, after 4-ish days of strolling Charleston, getting dressed up and tipsy, and seeing that my baby brother got safely married off to a good and kind-hearted person.


There will be more talk of that later, but for now there is so much of the catching up to do, mostly involving workish things I am forcing myself to get even the littlest bit invested in.

Vacation is so nice and so needed, even when it's action-packed and wild. I desperately needed the unplugging, and I love a good wedding where the entire guest list behaves like family. And family is the best cushion, the best protective gear, the best deja vu and the best reality check, the best ailment and the best remedy. What a joyful bunch of wackos, so happy to be with their own kind.

1 comment:

Ma Turner said...

Mazel tov to Brother Snee! And welcome home, Mama.

Holler if you want to rendezvous at Dragon Park.