26 August 2006

Guess Who's Doing What Over Here?

I have to call them steps/ walking now, for real, because she's walking for real now. Ten months old and walking. As in walking around, not just stumbling a few steps toward me with her arms straight up in the air. She's not graceful yet, but over the last 48 hours she's improved by leaps and bounds... I'd venture to guess that the next 48 hold more dramatic improvement. Gah. Thrilled to see my little thing becoming a person, but not totally ready for it. (Again, check out the big-girl jammies)

And my favorite Birdy picture of the moment and possibly favorite to date, because it's all about her little emerging sense of humor:

She's silly. And that will get you pretty far in this house.


Jennifer said...

That last picture slays me. She's too much sugar, that lil' Snee!

Anonymous said...

Love the big girl jammies! And congrats on having a walker!!! Exciting and scary at the same time. SB is a little ways off from this but it will be soon for us too!