28 July 2006

What Do You Think, Mama Snee?

I think that after spending some time at the 8th Avenue Kroger this afternoon, I have come to the conclusion that people are generally fucked-up-looking. I’m not saying ugly, but I am saying oddly mismatched in the parts department and shoved into interestingly-shaped clothing. At least, these are the outcomes I found at the 8th Avenue Kroger.

Why were you at the 8th Avenue Kroger?
Because I was pooping there.

Why were you pooping at the 8th Avenue Kroger?
I had the Black Bean salad from the Carribean place for lunch. I love the black bean salad, but it does have its cleansing properties. I decided to not drop this particular deuce at the office, which would mean essentially sitting right next to my coworkers and letting it go. The walls are thin, people. I’ve done it several times before*, I know everyone else is tired of pretending they didn’t hear the party when I slink out of the bathroom, and I just don’t need the shame on my birthday.

That’s right, it’s my birthday. I am thirty.

Get your filthy hands offa me
And I need a manicure. And I’m not one of those people who says things like “I need a manicure, my polish is chipped.” I’m saying I need a manicure because my hands look like the hands of a fourteen-year-old boy who bites his nails and chews on his cuticles and maybe works on cars all day.


* I don’t have a gallbladder, okay? It was removed when I was nineteen, thanks to some gigantoid stones that made me think I was having a for-real heart attack about four times a week. And to spare you my lecture about bile storage and fatty foods/ proteins and ease of digestion, I’ll just let you know that things are just different when you part with your gallbladder. Just as members of the mafia make sure they can always see the door from their table at the restaurant, I will always know where to find the nearest bathroom, its level of cleanliness, and privacy level on a scale of 1-10. It may seem as though I talk a lot about pooping. I do, because I spend a lot of my time doing it.


k said...

Happy 30th. I'm glad you avoided office-bathroom-shame.

Jennifer said...

I have poop issues, as well. Surviving mainly on a diet of jalapenos and vodka, I've learned to quickly stake out the nearest commode in any venue or situation.
I've had some near misses, and quite frankly, some "hits". The most traumatic being a bout of explosive diarrhea during a Titans game. NICE. I am going to be the youngest person alive wearing Depends.

shauna said...

Mama, I love it when you talk about pooping. It is one of my favorite topics of conversation when I can find people who will discuss it with me.

Oh, and happy birthday!

J-Go said...

I have driven from my new job on Music Row to my old office building where Borders is on West End. I have happily used the facilities in that lobby to avoid being heard by my current boss who sits right across from the ladies room. I am really protective of the location, but I will share with those who may be in need...the bathrooms are on the second floor behind a non-descript door that looks like you shouldn't go in there unless you work there. The door is to the right of the Borders second floor entrance.

taytyme said...

Hey! I poop at the 8th Ave. Kroger pretty regularly. In fact, I often find myself on the phone aswering the question "What are you doing?" with the phrase, "pooping at Kroger."