07 June 2006

Bursting With Dangerous Chemicals

Sometimes, when I voraciously eat over half a package of Starburst Fruit Chews while sitting at my slanty desk in some sort of shaky panic, as if the Fruit Chews were the last food on earth and I must eat them before the feral mutants smell them and come Muurrrrghhhhgghing over to me to tear them out of my hands and suck out my brains, as I'm carelessly tossing the little pink and red and orange wrappers around, swallowing one as I unwrap another, one after another after another, I get this "sensation" (thanks Acupressure class!) that my mouth might be filled with some sort of acid, or metal being eaten by some sort of acid. It tastes hot, like chemical-hot, like was-there-some-Drano-in-this-cup-before-I-poured-this-iced-tea?-kind of hot.

Does this ever happen to you?

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