28 April 2006

And A Bonus Picture of Bear Being So Sweet

Help Yourself
So, I don't remember where it was, but it was another mama's blog, and she said something totally obvious about those selfy yummy neat-and-clean lifestyle magazines about how you can transform your life by making sure you treat yourself to a pedicure! and make time for yourself- block out an hour each day! Meditate! and all of that. Something about those magazines all having the same articles cut-rearrange-pasted with the same tips and unreasonable ideas. I'm not sure how I didn't see it before, but I'm realizing that I have purchased and read the same magazine and read the same nonsense fluff things a lot of times. Duh. Simplify your life by buying Five Great Pieces You Can Wear All Spring, starting at $350 for this handbag. How to clean your bathroom from top to bottom in just 6 hours. Excellent. Very practical advice for today's modern woman.

Job Search Update
Still No Job! Two of the possibilities on my list are now closed, which is probably a good thing in the long run-- both had some red-flag issues that I really would have had to bend around. Really hoping for the call on Monday from the Holistic Center-- I think that would be a really good fit. Fingers crossed.

Feelings-Hurting Update

An update on Bird's daycare situation: The director of the daycare center told the sleeping woman (who I learned is also her sister-in-law) that I had complained about the snoozing, and that made her cry. A lot. SHIT! I know what it feels like to cry at work, and now I feel terrible even though I shouldn't. Urgh.

And more
Heading into a weekend with no plans, no travel. No plans except attending C's baby shower. And I'm going to watch several episodes of six feet under. And snuggle with the Bird. (Oh, that Bird! She's going to crawl any day now. And the thigh-slapping/ screeching/ flapping thing has become its own show, where she does a freestyle rundown of all the sounds she knows while manaically flapping those big squishy arms. I might eat her.)

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